Timeless beauty mixed with youthful sex appeal. You won't want to miss this action as experience takes on youth and takes lesbian lust to an all new level. When two generations of lesbians clash, the battle is fought with tongues, fingers, dildos and strap-ons!..These mature women know a thing or two about how to satisfy a woman and they want to pass on what they have learnt to these sexy young vixens!
Ninah Hartley plays a business executive who takes her sexy young intern home for the
weekend for a bit of social bonding. She gets to teaching her all she knows right away!

Andrea is a foreign exchange student who accidentaly finds the vibrator of the lady

she is staying with. Caught with the little plastic plaything in her twat, she gets a lesson in love from the older Nicole Moore!
Gia is a spoiled brat of a college student who would rather do anything than study.
Jules is an older tutor who can't resist the charms of the horny freshman!

Two young collehe students, Kritsina and Jessie, are discovered having sex in the film room
of the student union by an administrator. The older lady is drawan into their lair of lesbian deisres like a fly into a horny spider's web!

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